# 109 : Pidato Bahasa Inggris Mawlid Nabi (untuk Anak-anak)

Muslimin and muslimat rahimakumullah..

Let’s thank to Allah for all His giving to us that never ends so we can gather in this honorable ceremony namely “The Memorizing of Muhammad Birth.. May we become thankful slaves of Allah..amien.

Solawat and salam may be upon the beloved of Allah’s..the last prophet, the leader of all prophets and messenger, Muhammad SAW, his family whom Allah has told in Alquran. May we all become his ummat who always love him and his family and all bless’ be upon him ..so we can get his syafaat in hereafter..amien..

Ladies and gentlemen..!

As we know, this month is Rabiul Awwal, in this month The great prophet Muhammad SAW had been born. He is the messenger of Allah who has been delegated to all mankind, informed us the good news and warning so he becomes merciful for all universes… He is the best, the most perfect and the closest man of Allah. No one is like him from the beginning until the end of life forever. He is the most honest and believable man. He is the best figure and sample for all human who expect the willing of Allah happiness in hereafter and always remember Him in all life.

All beloved audience..!

Do you know who Muhammad is? He is Muhammad bin Abdullah, bin Abdul Muttalib, bin Hisyam, bin Abdi Manaf, bin Qushay, bin Kilab. His mother is AMinah binti Wahb, bin Abdi Manaf, bin Zuhroh, bin Kilab.. Both his father and mother are the breed of Ismail bin Ibrahim a.s. He is really from the best breed as we see in one of poet that we have memorized …

Brothers and sisters.. !

Indeed Muhammad SAW is Allah’s messenger and beloved. All of us must believe in him, obey, love and follow him..in order we become the happy people in the world and hereafter. We also must love him and his family whom Allah has purified in ALqur’an.. we don’t forget to always give solawat and salam upon him more and more because it has been ordered by Allah in Alquranul karim.. Means: “Indeed Allah and His angles always bless upon him..hi all faithful people give solawat and salam upon him.”

Therefore, hi audience, muslimin and muslimat..!

In this blissful month, we invite all of us..let’s improve and increase our solawat and salam upon him SAW..more and more, every day every time..what for is it? In order we get syafaat wholly for us in hereafter.. from whom syafaat is? Of course form the great prophet, the beloved of Allah.. he is Muhammad SAW..

All of audience rahimakumullah..

That’s all the speech of mawlid which I can deliver in this time.. we hope from this we can take advantage and useful and please forgive for all my weakness..

Thanks for all attention.. And the last I say…


diterjemahkan oleh Abdul Hakim dari teks pidato bahasa Arab untuk anak, tulisan Ashoff Murtadha

Bandung 28 Januari 2011

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2 Responses to # 109 : Pidato Bahasa Inggris Mawlid Nabi (untuk Anak-anak)

  1. tiyangtmojoNo Gravatar says:

    Oke nih, bisa di pakai belajar anak-anak,trims ya

  2. undangNo Gravatar says:

    sudah diklik

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